Body Art- Freestyle Jagua Tattoo Design

Spring is on it's way! As soon as the weather breaks, I'm ready to dump my jacket and scarf, and adorn my body with my very own handmade jewelry creations and body art designs. For me, nothing says spring--or summer-- like laced sandals and an elegant henna or jagua tattoo on my foot, hand, arm or leg. In this DIY video, I create an elaborate design on my thigh, since it's the only place where I have enough room and control to get really detailed for you. All the materials I used are mentioned in the video, so tune in and get creative! When you give it a try, be sure to apply the design to dry, unmoisturized skin for longer wear and a darker stain. Elements from this freestyle design can be used on almost any other part of the body. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to leave a comment. Sending you peace, love and inspiration from my heart to yours! Enjoy!