Self Care Products: 5 unique self care items For your wishlist this year!

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Backflow Incense Burner

I absolutely LOVE this! I can stare at smoke rising from a standard incense stick for hours...but, this takes the cake! With this, you can combine the power of arometherapy with the beauty of billowing smoke trails that flow just like a misty waterfall. Great for calming meditation, and for adding a mystical ambience inspired by nature.  There are cheaper options available, however, they come with horror stories about poor functionality. For something like this, I'd go ahead and invest in a good one. The link below contains a video of how this particular fountain functions, and can be found in the reviews.

Meixx Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser, Cool Mist Humidifier and Air Purifier

This diffuser looks so elegant and I love the colors. It can diffuse the aroma of your essential oils of choice, plus humidify and purify the air. Place the minis by your bedside, at your desk and even in the bathroom during your bath.

Calcium Bentonite Clay

So, the first time I used calcium bentonite clay, it was quite an experience! Calcium bentonite clay cleanses and detoxifies the skin and body.  As the clay hardens, it tingles quite a bit and ccan become uncomfortable. I try to make sure that I throw on the clay mask before doing something active to divert my attention away from the senstions, like cleaning up the house or folding laundry. The results are totally worth it! I once had a pretty bad breakout (due to all the crap I had been eating...tisk, tisk!) and after wearing this clay mask, the breakouts went away completely after 2 days. It usually takes a long time for my breakouts to go away, so this product gets two thumbs up!

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Gideon Oceanwave Projector & LED Night Light

This projector lets you transform your room with a soothing display of ocean waves. The display changes colors and can also serve as a nightlight for the little ones! I think this is another excellent tool for meditation. Keep in mind that electronic devices give off EMFs, so moderation is key. We can't always get to the shore, but this is a great substitute. 

Back Massager For Car, Home & Office

The first time I used a back massager, I was visiting my mom and had just come back from a loaded 4-hour event doing face painting. If you haven't guessed it, my back could have used some TLC and I was exhausted! I sat on the massager that I usually overlook whenever I vist, and turned it on. 10 minutes later, I wondered why I hadn't used this thing before!  It massages and also has heat settings that make the experience out of this world! Needless to say, my back loved every moment and I didn't feel the tension that I normally feel after such an event. You can even use it while driving! It just doesn't get any better than that.

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Intentional Self-care for women

FInd your tribe in this Creative Self-care Group on Facebook and join women from all walks of life who could use some motivation and crafty me-time to empower, develop, and restore overall wellness and peace of mind.  You have permission to put yourself first! Your body, family and business will thank you later.